A series of transnational actions (training, studies, production of educational tools and days for dissemination and diffusion of the results) in matters of Administration, Financial Management and Strategic Planning of Small and Medium Enterprises. The program had an international character and was implemented in collaboration with the Chamber of Drama and educational institutions of Germany as well as Chambers of Northern Italy.


For the period 2010 – 2012, IATAP has been selected as a partner for the implementation of the “Green Jobs For Disadvantage People” project together with other educational partnerships. The partners of the program are active in promoting and establishing the conditions that favor development and promotion of green jobs to vulnerable groups such as: people with little or no qualifications, job seekers, youth. The program bases its reasoning on sectors with great potential in terms of job creation and/or reduction of the ecological footprint such as: agriculture, construction, biodiversity conservation, waste management.


During the period 1995 – 1999, comprehensive and effective actions were carried out by IATAP within the framework of European programs, which had as their objective, on the one hand, information on the ways, motivations, problems and difficulties that would be encountered by those who wanted to invest in the neighboring country of Bulgaria and on the other hand the strengthening of the already existing business activity with the development of electronic educational material.


The continuing professional training programs implemented by IATAP were aimed at unemployed men and women, graduates of secondary, higher and higher education. They included integrated training and employment promotion actions upon completion of training, through coordinated actions of the body either directly in collaboration with a wide network of local businesses or indirectly in collaboration with social partners, Chambers, Sectoral bodies and local organizations, market needs investigation mechanisms work, etc.