I.A.T.A.P., from 1995 until today

It carries out training and employment promotion actions, actions to ensure equal opportunities and the simultaneous removal of social exclusion as well as publicity and information dissemination actions, with the aim of:

  • The provision of consulting services with a social, cultural, educational, environmental character
  • The promotion of local, social, economic and cultural development
  • The creation of the appropriate infrastructure for equal education and access to work
  • The support of the unemployed and in general the socially and economically vulnerable groups

Specifically, the fields of activity of IATAP are the following:

  1. The undertaking of international collaborations with reliable bodies of the civil society of developing countries, with the aim of substantially improving the economic and social level of their inhabitants and reducing poverty. These collaborations will extend and cover the fields of emergency humanitarian aid, food aid as well as development cooperation in all sectors.
  2. The contribution to the promotion of research and knowledge in matters of culture, education, tourism, sports, art, entrepreneurship, mental health and the environment.
  3. Presentations, seminars, lectures and informative events on issues concerning young people, women, socially excluded groups and minorities.
  1. The promotion, promotion and dissemination of issues related to the above fields through all kinds of events and using all methods (internet, publications, exhibitions, etc.)
  2. The creation of websites and the publication of newsletters, magazines, catalogs and programs.
  3. The design, promotion and implementation of programs that promote locality, the cultural elements of each region and the development of mild alternative forms of tourism for the purpose of cultural development.
  1. The contribution to the promotion of the activities of any Public or Private Sector Entity that has responsibilities related to education, training and any cultural event, through special programs, research, studies, seminars, creative initiatives, lectures, meetings of all kinds of events , international initiatives, events and programs, local, national or even international level.
  2. The support and implementation of programs of every Agency, State and Private, which can assign specific projects to the company.
  1. The provision of consulting services, inside and outside Greece, with the object of culture, health, welfare, education, tourism, sports, people, art, the environment, entrepreneurship.
  2. The implementation of studies, inside and outside Greece, in the above sectors.